• A floral first

    I’m on a journey to teach myself how to sew. Since


    I must say, I do love this print!! 🙂 Almost done! Hey peeps, I

    Goodwill Rasta

    Most times when you pick up tee shirts from your travels they

    Budget Fashionista

    Dress fabulously for less! That’s what I believe,


    HOA is short for House of Afrika If you are mad about African

    Goodwill Stripes

    I turned this blah striped dress into a hi-low stripe mini

    Black Bohemian

    From my early memories as a child I have always felt as if I

    Sun kissed summer

    As Labor Day nears it’s nice to cherish the last days of

    FOXY and co

    Keep calm. You Only Live Once.. Often many of us live in a

  • Hey there! I’m Latrenia Bryant! Thank you so much for stopping by!

    I'm a photographer and 99.8% of the time I'm the one shooting the images you see here unless otherwise stated. I'm a self proclaimed stylist & natural hair advocate. I'm a modern day hippie, vintage loving girl who embrace all things photographic. A photograph gives you something to remember and that's important because people change, situations change. I'm not who I was before and neither are you. Live and let live..just make sure you do it with STYLE.

    Beautiful photography courtesy of meeeeeeee.. Latrenia Bryant