Budget Fashionista

Dress fabulously for less! That’s what I believe, That’s what I do.


If you’re looking to shop for the latest casual styles that will not break the bank then stop by http://www.dresslily.com No doubt their prices are AH-MAZ-ING.

They have clothing for women and men. You can shop everything from hair, home, shoes, bags, jewelry and other accessories.  One thing to remember is, all that glitter isn’t gold. What does that mean?

That means buyer beware when ordering wholesale clothing items from China.

  • You may be missing items from your order.
  • You may get something you didn’t order.
  • The sizing may be waaaay off
  • The colors may look way different from what is shown on the website
  • The fabric may not be quality material
  • The construction may be uhhhh DIFFERENT
  • Your shipment may not arrive for a very looooong time.
  • Customer service and the Wizard of Oz may be the same person

Anyway, you get the point… you’re rolling the dice when you order from these ridiculously cheap clothing sites. Just being honest. But, if you roll and WIN…well, I guess that gamble paid off LOL.

Below are a few items I got from DRESSLILY: A black jumpsuit and high heel fur boots.


Now for the disappointing news….. those beautiful boots were too small 🙁 🙁 🙁  So needless to say, I couldn’t stay in those puppies too long.


Next, I wore this very comfortable sweater dress!! I paired it with some accessories I already had. I love this!


So there you have it guys. I don’t lust after style bloggers who promote items that cost as much as some peoples monthly rent…. NOPE, that’s just crazy. I shop the look for less honey.

I’m a thrift/vintage/hand-me-down/clearance/on sale/RE-FASHIONISTA  kind of girl.  😀

Anyway, stop by and browse http://www.dresslily.com Maybe you’re a gambler too.