Creative DIY Boudoir Portraits

Ooh La Laaa! photos are a fantastic gift for anyone on the receiving end. Boudoir photos at one point in time were very common gifts for women to their husbands. Why not bring back the tradition and set up a session? It’s been my experience that many women would love to do this but the thought of getting naked or being seen in intimate attire in front of a photographer can be a nail biting experience. Well, why not try taking the photos yourself? This allows you to be more relaxed and comfortable without having someone staring at your body. Reach in and bring out your inner pin-up! Some men need to be reminded of what they have, what they could lose, and what their buddies wish they had…LOL… Just kidding!! But on a serious note you should try it.

I don’t live in fantasyland so I’m very much a realist. I know all too well how everyday life can get in the way of sharing romantic moments with your lover. Having children, demanding jobs or even caring for ailing parents are all examples of situations that could rob you of what little energy you do have. Once in a while just take a little time out to revisit the woman you once were before life became so hectic. Here are a few things you might find helpful in preparing your own boudoir photos:

  1. Camera – digital cameras are everywhere and very affordable! It should have a self-timer of at least 10 sec. and built-in flash (pop-up flash)/external flash.
  2. Tripod – use it if you have it! It keeps your camera stable eliminating blurry pics! You can also use books, shelves, etc. For awesome overhead shots (if possible) hang your camera strap from the ceiling fan. BEWARE! A tripod could limit you so at times don’t be afraid to hand-hold your camera if you feel limited. NOTE: Blur isn’t always a bad thing! I purposely blur certain sections of a photo to put the emphases on something else in the photo.
  3. Wireless remote -a small device that you hold in your hand that triggers the shutter release button on your camera from any location. It’s strongly recommended because you can take multiple photos without having to stop and run back to the camera each time to reset the self-timer. Don’t be like me; I was too cheap to purchase the wireless. My husband tried to convince me but…nooooooooo I didn’t listen. I have a corded remote… trust me… just get the wireless one…lol
  4. Focusing & Lighting – can easily be the death of a photo IF DONE WRONG! very tricky! A wireless remote will help with focusing also. Pressing the shutter release half way down while remote is in hand while you are in position and the camera will focus on you BUT if you are using the self-timer you’ll need to use the cameras focus lock. It’s the same concept except now you’ll need to use a large object such as teddy bear to hold your focal spot. Focus on the bear (object), press the self timer, run to get in the photo and toss the object out of the frame. Lighting can also be very tricky! There are two types of lighting: natural & artificial. Natural is best. Shoot near windows that let in the sunshine but that isn’t always enough or even an option so now you should use artificial light such as lamps or ceiling lights. Hold off on using the camera flash for last. If you have to use it reduce the strength if possible because flash can have a harsh overall effect by accentuating your flaws…and who in the heck wants that! 🙁
  5. Posing – it may take some time to figure out your angles. Try any and everything but remember to keep the face pretty and smize (as Tyra likes to say) smiling with your eyes.
  6. Time – give yourself at least 2 hours for a successful DIY session because it could take a little bit to figure out lighting, focusing and your posing.
  7. Hair & Make-up – pump up the volume! Make your hair sexy and alluring. If it’s straight make it curly; if it’s curly make it straight…heck..just go buy a wig! lol
  8. Props – Bring out the CUTE/Sexy outfits. No granny panties please! Use a large portable mirror so you can see yourself as the camera does. Bring on the nylons, garters, high heels, beaded pearls & necklaces, earrings, blankets, candles, tub full of bubbles, faux plants, vases, columns, HIS favorite dress shirts, ties, etc. The possibilities are endless!
  9. White bed sheets – provides a crisp/clean/less distracting environment that also adds contrast to your skin. Be sure to keep them messy!    
  10. Remember Cyndi Lauper (IF you’re old enough..if not GOOGLE –  The lyrics went like this: Oh, girls, Just wanna have fun. So I say have fuuuuuuun. Basic knowledge and access to a photo editing software is nice also! Drop me a line if you have questions or just to tell wanna share your own experiences. Good Luck!

Thanks for stopping by!  Oh .. and of course here are a couple of samples from yours truly..You didn’t really think I would let you leave without showing you some pics did you? I don’t just talk-the-talk,  I actually walk-the-walk 🙂

Boudoir in motionvpin A diptych boudoir photographvpin FYI…try to keep it classy. Sexy alluring photos doesn’t mean sit and spread eagle for the camera. You can say a lot by revealing less. This is where the CREATIVE part comes in 😉  Oh and know this, IF all fails and you just give up….I’ll be happy to photograph you!

Until the next post yall….. Cheers!

  • November 15, 2010 - 11:49 am

    Dawn - You amaze me!!!! Incredible, helpful and extremely informative!!!!ReplyCancel

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    Gabrielle Bass - These are nice ! Great Job !ReplyCancel

  • June 20, 2011 - 8:06 pm

    B - My boss (actually his wife) was giving a tour of their large house to us and they had this boudoir picture right above their bed. So I got to see my boss’ wife butt-naked (no breasts or other private parts showing though)- It was a bit awkward. 🙂

    I like the bottom left picture, but I think it would be better (just in this case) if these had more color, not so washed-out/b&w.ReplyCancel

  • February 17, 2012 - 9:06 pm

    Momo - Thank you SO much for Posting this!! I’m trying to do self portraits at home & all the tips you gave were Perfect!! =D I went on a Photography website asking for tips like these & got cursed out by an Adim bc he said it was a Photography site not a Modeling site & I was like: Dont you take photos of Models?ReplyCancel

    • February 19, 2012 - 11:30 pm

      admin - LOL!!! We’ll you are always welcome here 😀 and PS.. A big HELLO and tight hugs to all my supporters 😀 Thanks guys!ReplyCancel