David got HackED

How many ways can 1 dress serve you?


The black lining & tulle you see here under my kente fabric/african inspired maxi skirt was originally a David’s Bridal DRESS I found last minute at Goodwill while searching for a Halloween costume I wanted for a party at our house.  $20 was way more than I wanted to pay but I bit the bullet and purchased it anyway.

Below is the actual dress:


I decided to be a voodoo queen. I wanted a long black skirt that flared out. I wanted my skirt to be floor length but I didn’t have any time to do any sewing alterations  so I simply cut off the spaghetti  straps, tucked the top of the dress inward, pulled it down to my waist and belted it for added security. As for my top, I wore a lace corset-style bra, curled my locs, and piled on the accessories most of which I also purchased at Goodwill.  The African spears? Well,  we’ve had those for years lol.  Our trick-or-treaters got a kick out it.

This was my Halloween outfit:


Now that Halloween was over I figured why not try to do something with this dress. It had good flare and tulle….and I loooooove TULLE as you can see in this tulle-belt topper skirt I made last New Years Eve:


After giving it some thought I figured the easiest thing to do that would allow me to keep the tulle intact, the flare and the floor length I adore  would be to make it a maxi skirt. I saw a african inspired print at JoAnn’s Fabric but it was only a little over a yard. I orginally wanted more for volume but I remembered JoAnn’s offered a discount when you finish the fabric roll ….so yeah, I made that 1 yard work 😀

I chopped off the top of the David’s Bridal dress, re-sewed the tulle, satin and kente fabric together. Added a couple of side gathers to cinch it in at the waist. Added a gold fashion zipper because I wanted the zipper to be seen as it curved up the side instead of the back. I cut the kente fabric at a slight angle giving it a asymmetrical shape so it would drag a little below the black fabric and onto the ground.  I’m one of those people who like my skirts loooong and I don’t care when they drag the ground. Because I didn’t have AS MUCH fabric as I orginally wanted I didn’t have enough to cover the back of the skirt totally, but once I tried it on I actually liked part of the black showing through so I hemmed it as is, ironed it and styled it as you see below.



I believe you can’t be interesting if your not interested, so you have to be interested in different things…and that’s me! I’m into so many things. RE-fashioning clothing is just one piece of the pie.


If you’ve priced African print skirts you know they are beautifully made and NOT cheap… so to know I came up with my own version for not a lot of money makes me happy. Check the end results of what my $20 David’s Bridal Dress became:



The last few shots I let my hair down to see how my combined thicker locs look on camera LOL…they’re coming along. 😀

I’m thinking there’s at least ONE MORE re-fashion in this skirt. I may cut the satin and kente fabric much shorter to reveal the ALL the tulle… we’ll seeeeeee!

Ps. The lil Rasta tee can be purchased at Artistic Tee and if you want to see how the skirt moves watch this video in HD OOTD African Print Maxi HACKED





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