EXPERIENCE is the teacher of all things.


I got a chance to pass along my experience in front AND behind the camera to my little cousin Bryana..It was only fitting I do so while wearing my Jimi Hendrix “The Experience Tour” graphic tee. With my instructions Bryana was able to capture many of the images you see in this post INCLUDING the ones above. It’s not often I turn my camera over to someone but it was her eagerness to learn how to work my camera that intrigued me…It reminded me of MYSELF when I first picked up a camera as  child.

My hair had been curled on itself for 3 days. The 3rd day I unraveled the twists for more shoulder length curls. I had mentioned to Bryana that I was going to photograph my hair and OOTD. She did not hesitate to say, “oh can I come, I love taking pictures!..I take pictures all the time.”  I shot a few then I put the camera strap around her neck..the mark ii was a bit heavy for her at times but she listened well and managed to push through.

This is Bryana! My assistant, student photographer and stand in model for the day.



Now, back to EXPERIENCE.

Past is experience. Present is experiment and future is expectation.  Use your experience in your experiments to achieve your expectations.


LIFE is a very emotional experience but that experience will open your eyes quickly. Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.





Special thanks to my shadow for some pretty nice photos! Even I almost can’t tell the difference between the images shot by the student vs myself  LOL…I guess that’s a good thing.

OH..ps. the Jimi Hendrix tee and crochet top were purchased at Target. vpin