FOXY and co


Keep calm. You Only Live Once.. Often many of us live in a box. I’m not sure if it’s my personality, or if it’s because I’m open to meeting and talking to many people from all walks of life; but often out of the blue I’m contacted by individuals who create some pretty fabulous products. IF I love their product I often think others may love it as well…. so I talk about it, share it and do what I can in regards to helping the small business owner gain more buzz.

Clearly, I wear my hair natural. I like NATURAL hand made products. Therefore, when I had the opportunity to use some handcrafted soaps from Cocoa Bee Soap Co., it was a pretty nice experience!


It’s been about 20 days since I started using Cocoa Bee Soaps, and I have to honestly say I have never felt CLEANER. I did not feel as if my skins natural oils were being stripped away due to the harsh detergents found in the store bought commercial soaps. There is truly a difference between the two. I think because handmade soaps use the oils/fats/butters in their natural state it maintains their vitamins and minerals. It’s the one quality that your skin needs and looooves.

I felt so good, so foxy, but mostly RELAXED after using “Fusion“; one of the Cocoa Bee Soaps.  Something happened that had NEVER happened when I was using commercial soaps. Normally, even after a nice shower I would still lay in bed for hours before falling asleep. Since I’ve been using Cocoa Bee Soaps I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow LOL. The aromatherapy from the oils have been so therapeutic with my sleep…it has been wonderful!

I told my husband, “You have to try these soaps!”


He tried “Invincible” and now that’s all he wants to use…he looooves it!!  🙂

For more information on these pretty amazing soaps, find them on Facebook at


As for my FOXY BROWN/ Coffee/Pam Grier Tee … well, It’s no secret I love political, black history, African American, black heritage tees. The largest and best supply can be found here at .


My experience with Cocoa Bee Soaps have been so wonderful. I plan on handing out gift cards with my Christmas cards this year. Your skin is your body’s largest and fastest-growing/changing organ. It’s the first thing people see. It protects us in more way than you know.

Take care of your skin/body and it will take care of you 🙂