Goodwill Ambassador

That’s right!! … I’m a self proclaimed Goodwill ambassador because I’m the messenger of peace, a special representative of those without deep pockets, a champion for the sport of thifting and the art of saving!! 🙂

The look below cost very little. I purchased…

  • The blazer from Goodwill for $6.97
  • The Skirt from Kohl’s for $1.82 (reg $64)
  • The shoes from Dots for $12.60 (reg. $14)
  • Earrings/Necklaces from the flea market

Photographer, Stylist, Modelvpin

Below I have shown you ..I kid you not.. my total costs. The earrings/necklaces were a total $16 for everything.

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Below are the remaining photos of my Goodwill look. My afro wig also played a part in my OOTD (Outfit of the Day) look. I
I chose to sport big hair for this look. LOL… No, I have not cut my locs. I still love my dreadlocks and I have no plans on them or I parting ways anytime soon. I simply look at wigs a accessory. It’s a quick and fun way to change up your look without harming your natural locs. I love my afro….
Well.. there you have it guys. I was given $39. I purchased all the above items with that $39….after it was all over, I had $1.32 left!! Bam! lol
In regards to my hair, many have asked and have wondered how can I wear a wig with my locs…. SEE THE VIDEO HERE on for better quality: OR the you tube version below.