Goodwill Stripes

I turned this blah striped dress into a hi-low stripe mini dress.


Oh my, there was a love/hate moment when I first laid eyes on this striped dress from Goodwill. I purchased this dress for $5.87. Although I hated how it looked in its present condition I thought it had some potential to be transformed into something much better… at least, something better in my eyes. Off to my sewing machine I went.


As you can see I cut off the sleeves, popped off a few buttons from the top and chopped off a few inches of the fabric from the lower front part only. Before I knew it, I had re-fashioned/reconstruct this outdated shirt dress into something more suitable to my taste.


Turning old items into something chic isn’t just a cleaver and smart way to save money it’s also fun. For me, originality plays a major part on why I’ll refashion an item from a thrift store, vintage boutique, hand-me-downs etc. I absolutely hate running into someone who’s wearing the same outfit as me.

When I do wear something from a mainstream store, I’ll try to at least STYLE it different from others. Most will wear the item(s) as they saw it in the store. I on the other hand will take that mainstream item and mix it with something from a vintage or thrift store find. The shoes are Jessica Simpson brand from DSW.


Your local flea market is the BEST place to buy accessories.  I paid .25 for all the metal bracelets, $1 for the earrings. The necklace? I can’t recall how much I paid because I’ve had that for YEARS but I purchased it from a lady at a Georgia flea market who hand-made all her jewelry.

vpinNot sure if I’ve mentioned it before but I’m teaching myself to sew garments. My goal is to master the fundamentals of clothing construction. I want to learn to design and alter patterns…eventually designing and wearing all of my own clothing designs. I’ve made and refashioned a few items already. Soon I will be posting those in my DIY category.


After countless complaining about my cheap singer being a plastic piece of trash and begging my husband for a new sewing machine he finally gave in. Now I can say, I loooooove my new Husqvarna Viking 116 Emerald Sewing Machine. Once my sewing skills improve, maybe he’ll upgrade my beginner machine to an advanced one. 🙂


Fun reasons to learn to sew:

  • Save $$$
  • Sport one-of-a-kind items
  • Show your creativity
  • Reduce stress
  • MAYBE one on Project Runway 🙂