Happy 42!

What happened in 1972???

  • Average cost of new house $27,550.00
  • Average income per year $11,800.00  
  • Average monthly Rent $165.00 
  • Cost of a gallon of Gas 55 cents    
  • Kodak Pocket Camera $28.00
  • Ground Beef lb. 98 cents
  • Professional basketball player Wilt Chamberlin scores his 30,000th point.
  • The Godfather was the most popular movie
  • Sanford and Son starring Redd Foxx premieres on NBC TV
  •  All in the Family (CBS) was the most popular sitcom
  • Nixon was President
  • U.S. bombs Haiphong, North-Vietnam; 1000s killed.
  •  Andrew Young is elected to the House of Representatives from Georgia, and Barbara Jordan is elected to the House from Texas; they are the first African-Americans elected to Congress from the South since 1898.

but besides that.. the most important thing that happened was the birth of LATRENIA M. THOMPSON 🙂  lol…  That’s right people, January 12 I turned 42!! I can’t believe it. Seems just like yesterday my aunt (she raised me) was at my kindergarten graduation. I’m thankful to have seen another birthday but what I’m most thankful for is my aunt who raised me. If she had not stepped in to give me a proper home, the guidance & stability a young child needs I would definitely NOT be the person you see here today. lol

What did I do on my birthday weekend??
My sister & brother-in-law had a small gathering at their home 🙂
BD (29)vpin
BD (28)vpin
I showed up in this:
BD (31)vpinBD (34)vpinBD (35)vpin
AND laughed a lot!!!!!!!
BD (30)vpinBD (33)vpin
The drive home was beautiful!! It was nice being around family and friends.
BD (9)vpin
The next day, my husband plan is to take me to breakfast… he hates being photographed 🙂
BD (24)vpin
I wore this….. been a PE fan since day 1 … I should have married Chuck D when I had the chance but I sent him on his way and told him he wasn’t ready for this!  LOL  Sorry you missed out Chuck!
BD (10)vpinBD (13)vpin
And I ate this….. Hey, I’m not on a diet!!  lol
BD (23)vpin
Afterwards, we went shopping and he bought me these…..
BD (18)vpin
After some shopping I THOUGHT I was going to beat up on my son in a harsh mean game of UNO….. Candy was the prize.  
BD (22)vpinI should have known he had something up his sleeve when he kept smiling and laughing 🙂
BD (12)vpinBD (21)vpin
Needless to say, he walked away with the winnings and didn’t mind eating it in my face!!
BD (20)vpin
Because I’m a sore loser, I had to free my mind so I went …. SHOPPIIIIIING again and this time I won!! The win was taking home these fabulous finds at Ross!  🙂
BD (16)vpinBD (17)vpin
As it grew dark, I ordered take out, my husband hooked up the projector… it was movie night on the big screen at home with the family…
BD (19)vpinBD (11)vpin
Soooooooooo, turning 42 wasn’t bad… It’s like they say, age is just a number.
Processed with VSCOcam with x1 presetvpin Happy Birthday to all my fellow Capricorn and January babies!!!!!  I so wanted to go to the beach but it was too darn cold… high 60’s and this FL girl wasn’t having that but the next day it warmed up to the mid 70’s which I was very happy about because I got a chance to rock 1 of my BD outfits 🙂

Birthday OOTD (1)vpinBirthday OOTD (2)vpinThe big 4 – 2 y’all. 
STOP BY & CHECK THE VIDEO HERE!!!!! http://youtu.be/UrKh9pAzYVY 🙂


Peace!  XoLB