Hello 44

Bursting on the scene with a bright pop of yellow to add some sunshine to your day folks! 🙂

Today I turned 44! Feels strange to say lol…doesn’t seem that long ago I was a child and my only care in the world was making sure I didn’t miss The Flintstones, The Three Stooges or Creature Feature with Dr. Paul Bearer…..and if I have to tell you who those people were I’m DEFINITELY old 😀

Unfortunately, although you may not can tell from the images I’m battling the FLU and have been since Jan. 8th. I even called in sick and I NEVER CALL out sick but this too shall pass. You’ll never catch me looking unkept in public if I can help it.  A lady should always look put together. The bonnet on the head and PJ’s while shopping thing… NOPE! NO ME…I can’t.

vpinI welcome turning another year older. I’m looking forward to many more. Hopefully the next one I won’t be tired, have a 100.4 temp, chills, sweats, stuffy/runny nose, muscle aches, chest congestion, headache, sore throat, cough and sneezing… YEP, I had all that when I shot these images yesterday evening after work.


But Capricorns are tough! We can easily shake things off. It’s what we do.



I love the yellow vintage poncho fringe cape sweater I purchased from Sherry’s YesterDaze Vintage Clothing and Antiques

I actually purchased it awhile ago but this is the first time I’ve been photographed in it. Color is what gives jewels their worth 🙂


My head is foggy and my words are few so it’s time for a hot shower, dinner, and some TLC.

I use to brag that I NEVER get flu vaccines and I’ve NEVER gotten the flu….well LOL…it’s ok, I still won’t be getting the flu vaccine because I believe It’s necessary for your body to be exposed to certain things in order to build up NATURAL antibodies against it.

Also, you can call me a conspiracy theorist if you like but I refuse to be “experimented” on.  I don’t trust what one may say is inside that vial. I believe the medical doctors and the pharmaceutical companies are in cahoots together. It’s a billion dollar industry….and that’s MY black and white truth 🙂


I know many will stop by my Facebook/Instagram page, text or call to say Happy Birthday. I know I won’t be up to making a reply video but know I do appreciate you guys taking a moment out to do that. It doesn’t go unnoticed 😀vpin

Ps. if you love vintage as much as I do and you’re in the area stop by Sherry’s YesterDaze at 5207 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33603 (813) 231-2020


  • January 12, 2016 - 11:17 am

    Lenny White - HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I hope that you feel better very soon. Despite your illness, your photos stiill look amazing!ReplyCancel

  • January 13, 2016 - 1:33 am

    Karl A. Davis - Happy Birthday. Stay warm inside and colorful as your ideas!!ReplyCancel