Hello Moto

One good thing about the changing of the weather is the ability to sport a few of my most favorite things. This look was inspired by my faux leather moto vest. It wasn’t cold enough for me to actually wear long sleeves but it was cool enough to bundle up in style. This asymmetrical, zip up garment is sure to put you in a “member-only” club once you pair it up with a shawl or a few fashion scarves. In this case, I wore my large square shawl (my husband bought it back from Pakistan) and wrapped it as I would a smaller fashion scarf. Combining what could be a simple jacket/vest with something else could take you from ordinary to extraordinary and your outfit is now a casual, high-fashion ensemble….ON A BUDGET 🙂


My moto vest is cropped and loaded with awesomeness. It’s light weight and suitable for cool to cold weather. It’s a perfect garmet to add edge and warmth to your casual looks. For more colder weather simply pair it up with long sleeves, and don’t forget to accessorize. This simple updo, stud earrings, and big cuff bracelets seal the deal with this look…and OH, don’t go anywhere without a pair of shades! It’s my opinion..lol..that everything looks better with a pair of shade.   Not  only do they look good, just putting on a pair makes me feel sooooo much better .. especially when you don’t want to show the world that you are a long-term chronic insomniac…no thanks to almost 20 years of nursing…Grrrr! Don’t get me started..

Anywho, I love my shawl and jacket combo! Enjoy the pics and I look forward to another post soon 🙂

So just a reminder, don’t be nervous or shy about combining or layering pieces. It’s fashionable! Besides, you can’t take style to seriously. It’s whatever YOU LIKE, just wear it with pride.


XoLB  🙂