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Hey guys! 🙂

This post was born thanks to House of Afrika. If you haven’t heard of them I suggest you head on over to their Facebook page and browse!  House of Afrika will provide you with unique, classic and contemporary jewelry and clothing with an African twist. They are located in London yet somehow, someway we connected thanks to the wonderful World Wide Web! I was very pleased when House of Afrika told me they were sending me an item…. a MAXI DRESS because from watching me they knew I loved maxi dresses 🙂

Thank you House of Afrika for sending me this beautiful dress! I have to tell you, everywhere I went that day I got compliments from so many people from all walks of life.. Young and old!!  So, 2 thumbs up to House of Afrika. Stop by and LIKE their page okay? 🙂

See below, My OOTD in HoA. I wish I could take credit for the images but in reality my husband Damon volunteered to photograph me this day…. hmmm.. not sure why because that hardly ever happens 🙂   Truth be known, I taught him everything he knows about taking FAB photos..Shhh! …   lol

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HoA from Latrenia Bryant on Vimeo.

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