We all find ourselves in the trenches sometimes. If you are going there go there in style with a stylish trench coat.

Today’s simple look has remained fashionable for decades.. The trench coat! It was typically worn as a windbreaker or as a rain jacket, and not for protection from the cold in winter or snowy conditions. Today this high-style hybrid jacket is an all-in-one, one stop shop coat because it protects you from the wind, rain and cold. A functional & stylish garment that should be in everyone’s closet.
Trench Coat StylevpinThe anatomy of the trench coat comes from the military. Hense .. TRENCHES. Many of us aren’t in the military but we are still very much in the trenches but there’s hope; the war is not lost!
A trench coat could be thought of as a type of body armor. We all need protection of sorts from the elements of the world. Sometimes the elements we need protecting from aren’t always GOD-MADE sometimes it’s undue stress brought on by others…. HUMANS! And although no piece of clothing will protect you from the wrath of man at least you can look good while you’re dodging the bull that is tossed on you… stains are easily wiped away with this trench coat đŸ™‚

Many of you will wake up one day and realized your life has passed you by. You will find yourself with regrets. Wishing you could go back and “do things differently” but guess what?.. you won’t have that opportunity.
You’re given 1 life. 1 mind. 1 chance to truly be happy. 1 chance to get it right. So while some of you are out in the world:

  • backstabbing folks
  • stepping on everyone & anyone to get to the so-called “top”
  • kissing butts!
  • chasing the mighty $$$$$$$
  • working yourself senseless until your health deteriorates
  • and so on and so on and so on…………………………………………………………………………………………

I won’t do it but I’ll be there to watch your demise and I’ll be watching it in style.  I have enough sense to know that when something causes undue stress… it’s time to back away from it or at least lessen the amount of time you are around it. There’s a sense of entitlement with getting older ..or at least it should be. You should work less and play more…  that’s my motto & my life.
Trench Coat StylevpinTrench Coat StylevpinTrench Coat StylevpinTrench Coat StylevpinTrench Coat StylevpinI’m old enough to recognize that DEVELOPMENT happens for a reason and CHANGE is necessary đŸ™‚
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Peace y’all đŸ™‚