Mexican Skirt

Hey guys!! 🙂

I’ve been gone for a little bit.  I’ve been kinda busy. I’m in the middle of changing up my website (which is currently down at the moment) and I’ve changed my domain name from to 🙂

But anywho… This is a short & sweet post to showcase my latest vintage find from my local vintage store. Much love to Sherry’s Yesterdaze Vintage Clothing and Antiques located here in Tampa, Fl.  I have to laugh when I think about that day because I went in only to buy ONE skirt and I left with THREE items!  lol.. oh well, what can I say… I love old things and I love my original Mexican skirt I found there 🙂


I pair the skirt up with a top I used from another post I titled Thrown Away as seen here:

See the images below:


Check the skirt in action!!  🙂  View my short  VIDEO HERE:

Mexican Skirt from Latrenia Bryant on Vimeo.

AND you can follow and see more videos on you tube…

Byeeeeeeeee 🙂