Friends shouldn’t betray friends.  To view the full screen version of the video: http://youtu.be/D0HRgpD7ctg   then simply use the back button to come back to this page.

A lot of times I’m a sounding board for my friends…and in that roll I hear a lot of pain from some… sometimes I can relate because when I was younger It really bothered me when someone didn’t like me. WHY? Because I’m a likeable  person! I’m loyal, trusting, funny ….heck, I’m just a cool chic!! 🙂

Funny thing with age, now that I’m older, I could give a rat’s @#! if you like me or not.. It really only bothers me now when someone I deemed a “friend” turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It can be hard making friends, and even harder to trust them, that’s why the majority of my friends I have known for 15+ years. Unfortunately, even then..one may disappoint you with their actions.  If you find yourself in a situation where a friend has seemingly betrayed you what should you do?

First, Take off the rose colored shades! If it sounds like bull and smells like bull.. most likely, it’s BULL! Friends shouldn’t lie to one another.

Secondly, apologies and forgiveness should always remain on the table. The one in the wrong should be willing to step up and admit their wrongs.

Third, be willing to forgive. This is key to getting past your anger towards them and not harboring grudges…buuuuut this is also the hardest.. especially if they continue to offer up the lie that started the distrust/betrayal/destruction of the friendship.

Forth, will you miss the friendship? If no,  sever all ties with them. If yes, make sure the other person understand that you feel they did something wrong and if they value the friendship they better get their act together immediately.

Lastly, You should relax!! do something that makes you happy!! I crank up the music in my car and I surround myself with other friends who make me happy 🙂

Life is waaaaaay to short. If they can’t respect you and your friendship… send them on their way. In the end, It’s their choice….but it’s YOUR LIFE.

Hopefully they will choose wisely and if not, oh well… it’s almost a new year.. so R.I.P to those fake friends and hello to those who truly want to be in your corner 🙂

#TEAMME everyday, all day.  At some point in our lives if we haven’t experienced the betrayal of a friend one day we might. It’s not a good feeling but with some effort the friendship may be salvageable.