*** This isn’t for all black women just those non-natural women who will not hesitate to come out of their face to say the dumbest things to a female who proudly walks around with her kinky hair. I actually shot the image below a year ago, just so happened I’m wearing my same Atari graphic tee I wore in the pic so I just wanted to post it 🙂


The number one thing I absolutely HATE to hear a Non-Natural woman say to a Natural woman>>>>>>

Just stop it! You sound very ignorant. How can it be ugly to have the DNA you were BORN WITH coming out of your scalp?! Oh I see, It’s much nicer to walk around with your beautiful natural nappy, kinky hair braided down and covered to the point where you are willing to have someone else DNA joined or fasten to your scalp by making stitches connected to your braided down black hair with a needle and thread because you can not OR will not accept NOR can see your own self worth and beauty. SMH! Come on people, I know not everyone wants to be natural and that’s fine…JUST WATCH THE STUPIDITY that come out of your mouth.

Now, I’ve had a long day and for some of you I may not be looking my best right now…..LOL… but I’m ok with that WHY?? Because with or without my hair looking fab, rocking a fly outfit and sporting a sultry smile…I still LOVE the skin I’m in 🙂