I know I had said I wouldn’t be back until New Years Eve but my shaggy vest is symbolic to my hope for all of you…to shake off your troubles and leave them behind in 2015.

This shagadelic post and my shaggy military vest are sexy in an eye popping retro way…lol.. ALSO, as 2015 come to a close it’s best to SHAKE off all that may be burdening you now. Don’t bring that stress into 2016! 🙂

No year is perfect but hopefully it’s composed of more good than bad things.


For me, as I look back over 2015 there were definitely ups & downs:


  • Jan. 1st  My beloved aunt passed away. She took on the role of being the mother I needed. From my earliest memories she was there caring and watching over me.  My birth mother preferred  street life and substance use rather than being responsible for three children. I thank God everyday for sending his angel to care for me. I’ll forever miss her.
  • Mar. 22nd  The end of an era has come… I combined my gorgeous locs to make them thicker and even more unique in their beauty. Change is good.
  • Mar. 27th My husband & I closed on our house! It’s the perfect architectural style I was searching for. A shotgun/craftsman home design. It has tons of windows and the open areas allow for freedom of movement which I love b/c a home should not be a cave but a shelter. The entire lower level is one huge room that allows us to see from one end of the house to another.  I love it!  It’s still a work in progress but all who have enter have told me I should be a Interior Designer because it’s so fabulous when you walk in 🙂14899_915931335126326_8891978815865436492_nvpin
  • May 3rd I said goodbye to someone I considered a friend because they turned out to be foe. A Rattlesnake. There’s nothing worse than finding out a friend has been deceiving; misleading; fraudulent…a out right liar. A deceitful person cannot keep friends for long.. at least not REAL FRIENDS. All you can do is wish them well and move on because I do believe karma is real.
  • May 6th My baby boy turned 15!!  I can’t believe it. In a few short years he’ll be out on his own and we’ll be empty-nesters.
  • June 6th  Housewarming party!!! Yes, we opened our home to our friends and family. We got so many nice gifts to fuel my decorating passion.
  • Aug. 5th  Our Wedding Anniversary!! We dated 5 years and have been married for 20 gooooood years. We dad a great time in Key West 😀
  • Oct. 18th  I became a mom to the pup formally known as “Guppy”. We adopted a pup from the SPCA Lakeland. We renamed him KODAK because Kodak made the best black and white photographic film ever and I have the best black and white dog ever. vpin
  • Nov 30th  My husband said goodbye to one job and hello to another.. and the other is pretty awesome!! 😀

and of course in-between all that we’ve had numerous gatherings/parties at our home, I started new hobbies and have partaken in other adventures along the way. So I say, trust your journey.



The one thing I can’t stress enough because I see it in my friends and others… Self respect, self worth  & self love all start with SELF. Stop looking outside of yourself for your value… remember that in 2016.


vpinVest8 (1 of 1)vpin

So with that being said, EVERYONE have a safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays!

Create the person you want to be in 2016!


My  next post with be my New Years Eve OOTD. Byeeeee!





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    Sunshine Love Peace - Please do a hair tutorial for this look on your youtube. It’s such an awesome style. ThanksReplyCancel

    • January 11, 2016 - 5:08 pm

      admin - Aww THANK YOU! I will as soon as I get some time. 😀ReplyCancel