Shut up & sit down

My spring vintage 70’s inspired OOTD | stripes & plaid


Sample responses when some of the girls and I are talking personal style:

  • Ooooooooh no, I don’t wear stuff that don’t match!
  • Ooooooooh no, I’ve gotta wear make up
  • Ooooooooh no, my hair can’t be nappy
  • Ooooooooh no, I don’t shop at goodwill
  • Ooooooooh no, I can’t be seen in a thrift store
  • Ooooooooh no, I only wear brand names
  • Ooooooooh no, a FLEA MARKET!?
  • Well………… you know how to make that stuff work I guess, not me girl!


Check the video for my response to them as I strut my OOTD (outfit of the day) for which in this case, the top was purchased from Goodwill and the Skirt was purchased at Sherry’s vintage boutique  As for my hair, I combined my locs March 22, 2015 because I love the look of thicker locs. In this look I’ve rolled my locs onto pipe cleaner for curls…. and yes, I’m aware to some I’m not matching, I don’t have make up on, my hair is nappy and my clothing has come from goodwill and thrift stores but guess what, my self esteem is as high as the clouds and I’m comfortable in my skin… When you have those things; you have EVERYTHING. If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. (smiling)

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