Spotted by Dresslink


As with my previous post, I was contacted by a representative from a company named DRESSLINK to wear and share a few things. They offer trendy stylish clothing for women such as shoes, bags, accessories etc. at wholesale prices. Below are the links to the items they sent me:

Brand: Dresslink
♥$0.01 Items:
♥Free Shipping Items:

Although I appreciate the items that were sent to me ultimately I have to give my honest opinion about the items whether good or the end it’s just MY OPINION.  I always encourage others to travel their own path.

First, let’s start with the steampunk shades.  They are retro; they flip up and they just look pretty darn cool! I love them. The CON?: Handle with care. They are a little delicate.



Secondly, lets talk about the necklace. A vintage style leaf/medallion design. Love the style. Love the fit. The CON?: When I opened the package I had to reattach one of the leaves and after shooting for less than 30min I felt one of the medallions fall off. Although easily reattached that should not have happened. As for the chain links? you can see in the photo below it too was broken…and it arrived that way I must say. I later just tucked it inside my shirt and kept shooting.


Lastly, the skirt. Although cute I was a bit disappointed. On the site the skirt appeared to be floor length (as it stated) and extremely full but that definitely was not the case here. IF I worn the skirt as it was intended I would have worn it ON MY HIPS but if I had would not have been “floor-length” fact it would have stopped right above my ankles. I chose to wear a long thin sweater that came past my hips in order to cover the gap from when I pulled down the skirt just so it would be “floor-length”. That was a MAAAAAJOR CON for me.


Although the skirt moved very nicely and looked beautiful when the wind caught it I was very disappointed that the true fullness as represented on the site was not there.


Overall, Their claim to fame is they offer you the opportunity to buy cheap women’s clothing at bargain basement prices. They never claimed to offer HIGH QUALITY goods.

So for that female who want to look trendy and fashionable for sometimes literally pennies I highly recommend shopping DRESSLINK because you can walk away with a massive haul for $20+ and if quality isn’t as important to you because you change clothes like the wind I suggest shopping dress link.  ♥Dresslink:


I’ve been to Korea three times therefore I was very aware of the quality of some of the items. Some are GREAT; some…not so great. In the end you always have to remember you get what you pay for. Don’t expect items to last a lifetime when you chose quantity over quality.

Same goes for LIFE & RELATIONSHIPS. Run behind a bunch of women/men vs..being selective and waiting for your soulmate. Whatever you choose…shop wisely and have no regrets!