Starry Night?

Originally I had set out to capture some pretty amazing photos of the stars. I happily gathered my camera and tripod, hiked all the way over to my front door (as if I live in a Mc and right out to the playground that faces my apartment. I believe it may have been around 8:30p when I went out. My son went with me because that gave him an excuse to stay out late to play with one of his friends (YEP, there was still someone out playing that time of night unsupervised of course….hmmmmm but don’t get me started on that subject) anyway, once I set up and snapped my first shot I was like WOW! loved it ……until I took a closer look at it on the computer monitor (underwhelmed) but I stayed and played. In the end I got some pretty cool looking images I was OK with and if you look closely you can kinda see stars…right?? OK..OK..Not ALL but some .. lol

 My only regret with these images is that I did not go out much later, like around midnight and secondly, I could have gone longer with the shutter speed to show some awesome movement but that would have require me to play with my “blub” setting and honestly I was just so ready to get back inside to see and play with what I had already gotten that I didn’t care. I plan on reposting some of those images at a later date once I do attempt another “Starry Night” shoot. Maybe then you can actually see STAAAAAAAAAARS!  LOL  Peace!

  • October 24, 2010 - 5:32 pm

    Lanette - The pictures are beautiful. The pics at the fair made me hungry, yummy, time to go eat something, haha.:)ReplyCancel