Sun kissed summer

As Labor Day nears it’s nice to cherish the last days of Summer. After all, Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer. vpin

For me, beach days are the BEST DAYS! It’s where I go to:

  • Unplug/Relax/Recharge
  • Nourish my natural tan with some Vit. D
  • Show off a fabulous new bikini
  • Get the best skin exfoliant from the wet sand
  • Grow my locs by dipping them in the salty sea water

For some the beach is the last place on earth they may want to be because they think they don’t have a beach body. What you may see as a flaw can be fixed. You have to make the best of the skin you’re in NOW. Tomorrow isn’t promised. No one should shame you for putting on swimwear. Same goes for aging. I’m almost 45 years old and anytime I post a photo of myself in swimwear there’s someone that acts is if I just posed for Playboy magazine. It’s ridiculous to try to shame me for wearing a bikini.


Everybody knows women have breasts and a vagina. Last I looked, those areas were still covered even while wearing swimwear. I embrace aging; I love it! I enjoy life because I enjoy being who I am and THAT’S THE KEY TO LOOKING GOOD AND FEELING WELL!

The secret to vitality is knowing life is for the living. There’s more to life than working and paying bills..death will surely meet you IF that’s all you have going on.


NEWS FLASH: The way we look today; we won’t look like that tomorrow because everyday we are aging. One day you may be 80+ years old and you may come across some photos of yourself when you were “younger”. You may have forgotten you once looked like that but once you see that photo I’m pretty sure you’ll smile and a flood of memories (hopefully good) will enter your mind.


The best thing that has happened to me in the dawn of me middle age is letting go of being shy and shame and choosing to embrace more self-love, wisdom and overall satisfaction. As long as I’m happy with what I see in the mirror, that’s all that matters.


Growing up Black, black males (and even some females) have tried to body shame me because I’m skinny without “curves or a butt”. They would say, “REAL men like curves, only a dog wants a bone.”

My husband of 21 years is definitely NOT a dog and he’s the realist man I know. As for my body, type I wouldn’t have it any other way.






Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. IF you have issues with your appearance don’t take what’s making you feel some type of way and put it on someone else. You’re free to live your life, let others live theirs.


vpinsammy dress11vpinsammyu dress8vpin

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