Vintage Vixen

Originally, I went out to my one of my favorite local vintage stores in search of shorts. I came back with this vintage maxi dress.

I’m pretty sure this was a “home-made” dress because of the multitude of imperfections with the inner lining/sewing but I don’t care about that….I was sold on the criss cross sequin top portion and the wild bold colors.  Make a statement with “ATTITUDE”   🙂

I’s a cool summer dress as well as a great party dress! The sexy plunging back portion makes a beautiful statement. BOLD is the colour of choice for me this summer! Where I go to get statement pieces for my look? I search my local vintage clothing shops.

This particular dress I found at SQUARESVILLE.

The other day while I was at work a coworker said to me, “You don’t look like somebody that goes to the thrift store.”   Hmmmmm.. I paused and smiled and thought to myself, “How do people at thrift store look?…dirty? .. poor?”  but I simply replied with laughter and said, “I love the thrill of the hunt because I don’t like coming across other people who are wearing the same thing as me.”

So let me squash those misconceptions..

  1. Thrift stores aren’t just for poor people; they are for everyone.
  2. It’s for the budget minded person who’s aware that one doesn’t have to spend a lot of $$ to look good.
  3. You’ll be surprised to know that many “wealthy” people aren’t spending the kind of $$$$$$ you may think…I promise you that.
  4. These places are a gold mind of unclaimed wealth.
  5. Lots of quality items can be found in them, both brand name and names you may not have heard of.
  6. Get to know the employees; have them keep an eye out for the good stuff   😀


Many people are amazed when they comment on something I’m wearing or be it may, something they see in my home and I reveal how much I have paid… they give me the “whaaaat!” look  🙂

Next time you across a place that you wouldn’t normally stop &  shop in.. go inside! You might find yourself pleasantly surprised with what you may find there.

My love for thrifting for the home started after I saw Rashon Carraway AKA Mr. Goodwill Hunting on a television show. He made over a home for little to nothing from items he found while thrifting. So YES, don’t just stop at your personal wardrobe style…Take it home as well 🙂  Check out this video on how I decorated my home>>>>>  Ps.. I’m thinking Mr. Goodwill Hunting and myself need to team up and do a show together LOL  


It’s not what you wear, it’s HOW YOU WEAR your clothing that’s most flattering.  Wear pieces that you love and that fit YOUR personality. So many people get caught up in trying to be trendy when in fact what you really should be doing is to just be YOU. If you like it; I love it.

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Well, there you have it guys! I love my maxi and I love that you take time out to follow me. I know not everyone will  love thrifting; I’m just saying keep an open mind 🙂