While babysitting…

Can you believe it!? For one moment in time I, me… Latrenia Bryant.. actually thought about what It would be like to have another child. Hmmmm..interesting because my patience wears thin with my 10yr. old so why-oh-why would I want to even think about having another child now at this stage of my life?  I’m guessing “temporary insanity” LOL..  now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people who are happy with having more than one child and I’m happy for you but In my case I’m a bit selfish plus I’m a realist.  We’re not living in the days of our grandparents when families consisted of 10, 12 even 15 children. I don’t how they did it! Times were harder then due to the great depression and the civil rights movement (just to name a few) but somehow they managed to keep it all together.

Because THEY went through those hard times THEN I have the choice TODAY not to. 

Thank God for good neighbors. Out of the blue, my neighbor asked me to babysit and without thought I was happy to assist. I had the best time with this little girl!! She was so shy but I wasn’t worried.  I was confident I would be able to bring her out of her shyness.  With the help of my son, together we had a blast.  I even let her take pictures with my camera..lol..that brought back memories because that’s how I first fell in love with photography 🙂 

Because she was so cute and made both my son and I laugh; I wanted another child. I think I missed my own child being that age. We use to run around and play like that.

Eventually, it was time for her to leave. Once she left we missed her. I thought it was cute she started to cry because she didn’t want to go.  Here are a few shots from our time together and yes, she looooves her blanket 🙂

vpinvpinvpinvpinvpinvpinvpinvpinI told you she was cute!  LOL

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