Who wears the pants?

Who wears the pants? My husband does but when he takes them off I’ll make a skirt and wear that!

My OOTD for Father’s Day,  I brought back the skirt I made from my husband’s old camouflage pants. I looove this skirt so much that it’s been featured a couple of times, styled different ways of course.

This was the 1st post: BDU Skirt and this was the 2nd post: Sparkle

vpinUnfortunately, many times you will hear women speak on how men change and not in a good way but because of that I’m reminded just how thankful I am for my husband and the man he is.

He said to our son and I, “I know what y’all can get me for Father’s Day?”

I said, “what?” yet he was silent so again I said, “WHAT?” and he said, “That’s it….NOTHING.”  and I smiled. I interpret that to mean he has everything he needs in us.

So I say to those folks… be thankful for the difficult people who have come into your life at some point. Don’t hate or harbor resentment towards them, for they have shown you who or what you don’t want.


My son has been making his debut in regards to shooting video. He shot the video included in this post as well as the video in my previous post.

As for these images, they too were shot by my son… not bad..not bad at all.




 Keep smiling because life is beautiful and there’s always so much to smile about!

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