Why yes,

Why yes, I am a model ……. and so are YOU! 🙂

Why Yes I am...vpin


Originally, I shot these photos back in May this year but because I’m asked often now, plus my husband said people sometimes ask him this as well..I thought It would make a cute post. The question of the day is, “are you a model?”  The answer of the day is, Why yes, I am a model.  IF I ask you to step in front of my camera so I can take a few shots of you…YOU ARE A MODEL. If I ask you to wear this outfit I made because I want the exposure and you wear it, YOU ARE A MODEL. When you get dressed everyday YOU are modeling what you are wearing to the world… lol.. at least that’s how I view it.

True definition: A model  is a person who is employed to promote display, or advertise commercial products such as fashion clothing or to serve as a visual object for people who are creating works of art.  Employed huh? Well, I say you’re one even if you are APPROACHED 🙂

Sometimes I get paid, sometimes I don’t. Most times I do it because I like making whatever it is (hair, clothing, etc) look good!  One of my pet peeves is leaving your home looking “crazy”.. LOL.. meaning you put NO EFFORT into your appearance and there’s no excuse for that with the exception of being homeless. When you buy fashions (any piece of clothing/shoes/etc) from a store you have simply PURCHASED the items… How you wear them shows your style!

I was asked by cousin Miranda Gaffney who studied at  IADT- International Academy of Design & Technology if I would wear some of her handmade jewelry/accessory pieces. Well, me being the good cousin that I am   ( 🙂 )   I happily agreed to do that and not because she’s my cousin but because I trusted she would make something I would be proud to wear any day.

My OOTD (outfit of the day) was pretty simple… a graphic tee & micro mini skirt. The fabulous one of a kind earrings and two fabric wrapped bangle bracelets are by Miranda.  So you see, I took a very simple look and made it my own by adding some pretty fly accessories!!

NOTE: I didn’t even re-twist my slightly over grown roots!  LOL but that’s okay too because feeling comfortable & confident in your own skin will ALWAYS be your best style.  My nappy roots are I secured that bond long ago 🙂

Hope y’all enjoy the pics & the collaboration with Miranda Gaffney to showcase her work of art jewelry.



Y’all take care! I’ll be back soon 🙂