Wiser food choices

First of all,  I do not expect to win over any fans with this post. I’m bothered by the fact that almost daily on any given news channel or portal you can find a story about making healthier and wiser choices in regards to the foods we eat.  Yes, I agree we should all want to be healthy and yes, I want the best nutritional meals possible for our school aged children but to target the fast food industry is getting a bit ridiculous and removing the toy from a kids meal isn’t the answer.

Nope, I’m not a registered dietitian nor am I a nutritional expert but I do have common sense. Last I looked WE were the parents. I haven’t seen a 3yr. old child yet that can drive up to a fast food restaurant, place an order and pay for the meal. That leads me to believe that WE as the parents are buying those high fat, high salt, full of sugar meals…right?

Now I won’t bore you with statistics but the USDA states preschoolers should only be eating about 1200 calories a day. Elementary school-age children should have about 1600 calories a day and of course you have to consider the child’s age and activity levels.

Offering healthier options at restaurants is great! I personally have used that option many times for my child. I don’t ask him. He didn’t have a choice. He has gotten orange slices instead of fries and milk instead of soda and at times a small salad.  I’ve seen parents give in to their child when that child embarrasses them after throwing a tantrum because that child wanted a sugary snack or one of these tasty meals and the parent said no. So tell me this, if you give in time after time and your child is now obese who’s to blame??  That child will eat whatever is put in front of him/her…healthy or unhealthy. No one is saying you should not eat out or eat at fast food restaurants just make a more conscious effort to provide your child or even yourself with slightly more healthier options. 

Apples and Eggsvpin 

The First Lady Michelle Obama has been very ambitious with her program to fight childhood obesity. She exercising with your child.. why aren’t YOU  exercising with your child? I find it comical that someone who doesn’t know you personally has to step in and point out to you that your child is obese because you as a parent haven’t been making the best choices for your child. Take the playstation and wii remotes out of their hands and send them outside to play.. you know..play??  that thing that generates exercise! and what happened to all the PE coaches in the schools?

NO physical activity and poor eating habits = a weight gain. It doesn’t take a PhD to figure that out.

I’m not perfect. I never leave the grocery store without hitting the cookie/chips/candy aisles because I do love that stuff and I don’t restrict my child from eating it BUT I do put limits on how much is eaten and when it is eaten. I don’t hesitate to step in and claim my role as THE PARENT! 

I’m not such a square (yes, I said square..lol) that I don’t remember staying up all night playing Atari (don’t laugh..if you’re my age I’m sure you had an Atari too .. lol ) but again I put limits on how long my child plays and what he plays. If you know what I know.. you better be checking the ratings on some of these video games.

Even if you choose to bypass the healthier options restaurants are offering just know that moderation is really the key! I’m a firm believer that ‘It’s not what you eat, it’s how much you eat’ and that my dear is the root of the obesity situation. Like I said, “I’m not perfect”.. I love food as well as the next person as you can see from these photos:

vpinvpinvpinvpinvpinvpinvpinvpinDon’t get me wrong and I do apologize if your feelings are hurt from this post, I’m not here to be politically correct.. I’m just tired of people not taking responsibility. We all know what we should be doing and yes, I’m the first to say it’s kind of hard to always do the right thing but we shouldn’t have to have the government step in to instruct us on how to take better care of OURSELVES..for heaven sakes.. I would hope good old fashion common sense would do that.

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